Tuesday 30 November 2010


Hi All,

We have changed where and how our blog is hosted as part of a greater attempt to begin re-utilising it. To simplify our process of updating we are no longer hosting this ourselves with wordpress, pixelpost etc we are utilising blogger as our host.

A side effect from the change will be that the different blogs from our previous site will now all be contained within this one blog, therefore we will try to differentiate the posts contents via the tag system, so if you are only interested in posts about Lily say you can do so via her tag.

Hopefully going forward in this blog we will keep up to date with all of the happenings within our family from improving our house, to what Lily has been doing, to how Kate is going with the second pregnancy and so forth.

Lastly, due to how the custom site finished up (with the wordpress being used to hack all of the site and redirect to some dodgy sites), I haven't been able to do an automatic import of all of the old posts. What I do have is a database backup, so I'm going to attempt over time to add these back in (with the original post time) as a history. As of how complete they will be I'm not sure but the text should all be there.